Mission Statement taken from By-Laws: 

The purpose of this Society shall be to preserve, protect, and promote knowledge of the historical heritage of the Village of New Richmond, Ohio and its surrounding area by:

    Collecting, preserving and making available for research historical records, documents, photographs and artifacts. Disseminating information through  interpretive exhibits,
presentations, and publications.

    Preserving and encouraging others to preserve buildings, monuments and sites of historical value.

    Cooperating with other historical societies and organizations having purposes in keeping with those of this Society.

    Vision and foresight were the foundation for the formation of Historic New Richmond, Inc.  The organization was formed in May 1972 to preserve and incorporated in June 1972 to preserve and share the early heritage in the area. 

The first general meeting was held Friday evening, May 19, 1972.

    Tom Greene, an artist then living in the New Richmond area, had the vision to recognize New Richmond's valuable steamboat era, history, and some of the remaining old buildings from that era.  Tom Greene and Bill Corwin, whose interest Tom had enlisted, proposed to form a historic organization, buy the house at 125 George St., and establish a museum there.  This house was one of several in town that typified the excellent old homes reminiscent of the steamboat era.  The Ross-Gowdy House, located at 125 George Street is on the
National Register of Historic Places. 

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  In 1990, the Ohio Historical Society contracted with Historic New Richmond, Inc., to manage Grant's Birthplace in Point Pleasant, Ohio.  Ulysses S. Grant was born April 27, 1822 in picturesque Point Pleasant near the mouth of Big Indian Creek at the Ohio River.  The restored one-story, three-room cottage, which was built in 1817, was next to the tannery where Grant's father worked.  The small cottage is furnished with period items.  At one time the birthplace made an extensive tour of the United States on a railroad flatcar and was also temporarily displayed on the Ohio State Fair grounds.


Mission Statement